We all like to partake in arts and crafts once and a while; it is an excellent opportunity to let your creativity run wild and it can also be an incredibly relaxing activity. It is for these reasons that we decided to run an Art week, last week, at Grange Junior School.


From Monday, June 19th to Friday, June 23rd, our pupils participated in a wide variety of artistic activities under the theme of land art. Land art is a type of art that uses the natural environment as its medium. This can include creating sculptures from the land itself, or building structures using natural materials such as twigs and stones.


The children began the week by learning about land art and debating whether or not it can be classified as real art. They also learned about famous land artists such as Robert Smithson, Agnes Denes, Nancy Holt, and Sir Richard Long.


After getting to know the subject in greater depth, we challenged each class to create their own land art projects. For example, one class was tasked with finding naturally occurring spirals in nature, while another class was asked to create art featuring life-sized leaves. By focusing on a broad spectrum of naturally occurring materials, we enabled each class's project to be unique and engaging.


At the end of the week, all classroom projects were put on display during our weekly assembly. Every single class exceeded expectations and produced some breathtaking artwork. We are so proud of everyone's creativity. They absolutely smashed it out of the park!


Last week was an incredibly fun experience for both our pupils and their teachers. It was great seeing everyone’s hard work on display during our Art Assembly, and we hope the children have thoroughly enjoyed all of their crafting activities over the past week, and that they have come away with a great passion for artistry.