Year 6- Chestnut, Hawthorn And Sycamore Classes

A warm welcome to all children in Chestnut, Hawthorn and Sycamore class!

Year 6 children are taught by Miss Humphries, Mrs Dias, Mrs Stubberfield and Mr Williams, who help guide us through our learning journey. supported by Mrs Myatt, Mrs Terrell and Miss Wise.

This is where you will find all the information you need to know about what we do in Year 6. There is so much to look forward to this year, including: being stretched and challenged, an exciting curriculum, trips including our residential to Stone Farm in Devon and an end of year production. This last year at Grange Junior School is going to be brilliant!

Remember it's really important to be at school every day, on time and ready to learn. In May, we will complete our statutory assessments (SATS) in Reading; Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS); and Mathematics. The academic and values-based skills we acquire will enable us to be prepared for our transition to secondary school. We can’t wait to grow together this year and move on to greater challenges.

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