Friends of Grange Schools

FOGS - Friends of Grange Schools.

FOGS are a group of volunteer parents who meet regularly on an informal basis to organise fundraising events for the benefit of our children attending both Grange Infant and Grange Junior Schools.

Our goal is to ensure that money is raised for the benefit of our children attending both schools

If you want to become a member you can contact Mel James or Jess Baxter via this email address [email protected].

FOGS relies on parents and teachers giving their own free time to help make Grange Infants and Junior Schools a better place for all our children.

Find us on FOGS on Facebook.

FOGS Committee

Members Position
Mel James Chair - Junior School
Theresa Sawyer Co Vice - Chair Junior School
Jade Moulton Co Vice - Chair Junior School
Fiona Mounsdon Treasurer
Jen Blundell Vice-Treasurer Junior School
Jemma Wilson Secretary

Events and Information

We hold many events during the year. Don't forget to look at our Facebook link for more up-to-date information.

Easter Egg Hunt

FOGS Events

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Getting Involved

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