The thrilling Commando Joes curriculum has come to our school! Learn more in our blog:


We are excited to share our news that we have invested in the Commando Joe's curriculum. This outstanding curriculum is broad and exciting and will provide a great foundation on which all children will get the chance to achieve, be resilient, tolerate others and make great choices for life - inside and outside school. It also compliments our own school values.


Recently the staff all spent time taking part in the activities themselves as part of our own training - it was great fun! Take a look at them in action below.


The approach to learning encourages our children to think critically and develop a mindset that thrives on looking at themselves and others from different perspectives. Children are set exciting missions to complete by working well as a team whilst developing critical thinking, confidence and independence skills to name just a few.


The children have already started to take part in these activities. Year 3 took part in the stepping stones Amazon task where they battled crocodiles and snakes across the amazon river. The children were very confident at first yet all teams fell into the river almost immediately! After some good teamwork and much better communication, all teams were able to cross the river safely using different strategies.


Ask your child about the missions they have already completed - we’re sure they will have lots to tell you!