Year 3- Ash, Elm and Oak Classes

Welcome To Year 3

A warm welcome to all the children in Ash, Elm, and Oak class!

Year 3 children are taught by Mrs Britton, Miss Holley, and Mrs Hodge, who help guide us through our learning journey. supported by Miss Law, Miss Hackett, Mrs Moore, and Miss Ward.

In Year 3, we cover a wide range of subjects from maths, writing and reading to PSHE, handwriting, PE and a whole load more. We continue with children’s phonics education by applying sound buttons during spelling lessons and provide catch up lessons to help everyone achieve. All children have access to manipulatives in maths, dictionaries in all subjects and grow the code phonics sheets. We aid the transition from the infants’ school by revisiting familiar stories and books to give children the confidence with the move and the ability to further their learning. Through being ready, respectful and safe, we teach the year 3 children how to become more independent while still having lots of fun along the way. We want our children to progress through their learning journey by learning about the world around them, working collaboratively and instilling values for Britain.

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