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Engaging the Community to Continue Our Progress

7 October 2019
Engaging the Community to Continue Our Progress

Progression is an integral part of our vision here at Grange Juniors. As a school, we must always be looking for ways to enhance our offering to further improve outcomes for our pupils, staff, and school community. Whether it is exam results, attendance, extracurricular provision, or Ofsted rating, I want Grange Junior School to be the absolute best it can be.

One area that I have identified as requiring considerable improvement is our communication with the school community. As part of my intent to make significant progress throughout the school, enhancing our communication is a top priority.

It is vital that our school engages and communicates with the school community better than it does currently. Going forward, we will be doing more to ensure that we are a clear and effective communicator. Whether it is blog posts on the school website, updates on Twitter, or regular newsletters, we are placing an increased focus on communicating with our stakeholders and encouraging them to get involved with school activities and their child’s learning.

I also believe it is crucially important for everyone with the best interests of our school at heart to work together as we embark on a new era. Implementing more effective channels of communication between the school and its community is a great way for us to foster a collaborative relationship.

One such channel we will be focusing on is feedback from parents, pupils, members of the community, and indeed our own staff. Their collective opinions will be vital in decision-making and mapping out the development plan for Grange Junior School.

To garner the suggestions and opinions of our school community, I will be utilising surveys and questionnaires. The results will be used to continually raise the standards of everything we do at Grange Junior School.

I want to reassure our entire community that everyone has a role to play in maintaining the success of our school, and that everyone’s voice can and will be heard. You can also expect to receive better communication from our school and feel more up to date with your child’s learning.

If you have any questions, would like to submit your opinion, or want to be involved through Parent Forum, I would love to hear from you, so please contact the school on 01793 822405.

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