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As part of our Wonder, Explore, Create curriculum children follow Science units of work alongside the relevant 'Big Questions' which drive our Theme learning. They are based and founded on National Curriculum objectives. At Grange Juniors, we encourage working scientifically in Science by using an 'Enquiry Wheel', which focuses on different aspects of science enquiry. These skills follow a cohesive progression which builds incrementally on prior learning.


At Grange Junior School, Science lessons promote a lifelong love and respect for Science and an awareness of its value in everyday life. Not only do pupils deepen their scientific knowledge, they also develop scientific enquiry skills through practical tasks and investigations. Students are encouraged to take the initiative to follow their curiosity and develop their own creative responses as scientists, whilst respecting those of others.


As staff, we aim to help each individual to become a confident scientist and nurture a blossoming passion for Science with their own scientific preferences. We celebrate and nurture the scientific strengths of every pupil in a supportive environment where mutual respect in Science allows for curiosity and wonder to be a rewarding experience.

We hope to instil a critical understanding for investigating fairly and provide a wide range of resources and opportunities, promoting the use of good and productive discussion to enable pupils to lead the learning and to achieve the best they can.

Science knowledge, skills and techniques are taught with links made to big projects in the

context of the wider world and cultures. Pupils are challenged to use scientific language naturally when describing processes and challenging concepts.

Busy Bee learning values form an integral part of all Science learning experiences and play an important role in supporting pupils’ development within Science.


Our engaging approach results in a fun, high-quality Science education, that provides children with the foundations and knowledge for understanding the world. We ensure that children learn through varied and first hand experiences of the world around them, leading them to understand that Science has changed our lives and that it is vital to the world’s future prosperity. Children are beginning to develop a passion for Science and this is resulting in motivated learners with sound scientific understanding.

Science In A Nutshell 2022 Download
Science Progression Map Year 3 And 4 Working Scientifically Download
Science Progression Map Year 5 And 6 Working Scientifically Download
Science Coverage Overview Download
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