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At Grange Junior School music lessons are fun, enjoyable, uplifting experiences promoting a lifelong love for music and an awareness of its value as an instrument for self-expression. Pupils explore musical knowledge using a wide range of musical instruments, techniques and repertoire and are encouraged to take the initiative to follow their curiosity and develop their own creative responses as musicians, whilst respecting those of others as precious and unique.

As staff, we aim to help each individual to become a confident musician who has a passion for music making with their own musical preferences. We recognise that musicianship is a quality that is unique to every individual. We celebrate and nurture the musical strengths of every pupil in a supportive environment where mutual respect in music making allows for risk taking to be rewarding.


Musical leadership is encouraged to be initiated independently. Opportunities for this include Music Champion and Master Drummer roles, Gamelan shadowing and Leadership Superstar Challenges.

We foster a love for singing and provide a wide range of performance opportunities, promoting the use of good rehearsal techniques to enable pupils to achieve the best they can.

Musical knowledge, skills and techniques are taught with links made to big projects in the context of a wide range of musical periods, styles, genres, composers and cultures. Pupils are challenged to use musical language intrinsically when describing processes and appraising pieces.


Busy Bee learning values form an integral part of all musical learning experiences and play an important role in supporting pupils’ development of their own musical identity.

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