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Year 6 Class Update Term 2

27 December 2019
Year 6 Class Update Term 2

Can we learn from past mistakes?

This term, Year 6 have continued to learn about conflict in the world, tracing it back to World War 2. We were lucky enough to have a workshop on learning the Jitterbug – a dance popular during this time – and we really enjoyed dancing the ‘crazy legs’ and ‘the twist’.

As well as this, we have learnt about The Holocaust, rationing and The Blitz. We were shocked at how little food people received during this time and in Art, we made posters to support the 'Dig for Victory' campaign as well as learning about propaganda.

We have found the topic really interesting and we ended it by planning and writing a speech we could give at The United Nations, answering our big question.

To end the term, we went to the local church and performed a selection of Christmas carols to parents and the local community. We danced, sang and enjoyed ourselves getting into the Christmas spirit.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we are looking forward to our next topic on Natural Disasters through the question, “Does adversity make you stronger?”

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