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Class Update

Class Update Year 6 Stone Farm Day 1

27 June 2022
Class Update  Year 6 Stone Farm Day 1

Day 1:

Journey was blissfully uneventful. No one was sick en route and we arrived in good time to be greeted by Baloo the dog.

Children were (are!) super excited about anything and everything. They've all moved into their bedrooms with no complaints and everyone has unpacked and settled in with friends. Then it was time for a farm tour to meet all the residents - goats, pigs, owls, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs. As you can see from our photos, the children lost no time in making friends and having a good cuddle!

Tea was a choice of sausage, fish or veggie burger and chips followed by ice cream. Needless to say that everyone ate well, even going back for seconds.

As I write this there are children playing outside in the evening sunshine. Some have gone for a walk across the farm with Mr Sutton determined to explore the further reaches of the space. The evening will culminate in a camp fire led by yours truly before (we hope and pray) bed!!

Apologies if your child is not featured tonight. I will try to get a group photo tomorrow so you can reassure yourselves that they are all OK and enjoying themselves.

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